New Buyers / Consignors


Office: (208) 962-3284

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2151 Highway 95 North
Cottonwood, ID 83522

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PO Box 178
Cottonwood, ID 83522


Our cattle auction starts at 12:30 pm. Please plan to have your cattle here before that time. If hauling in before Friday, there will be a feed charge assessed per head per day at the current feed price based on size of the animals. Call if you have any questions as to when you may drop off your cattle.

All cattle are inspected by the Idaho State Brand Department prior to selling. Please have your brand card, transportation slip, and/or brand inspection slip when checking in.

Checks will be mailed at noon on the Monday following the sale. Checks are ready for pick up approximately 30 minutes after your last animal sells.

Please contact the office if you have any special instructions on how to issue your check prior to the sale. All checks will be issued to the name associated with the owner of the brand on the cattle unless the brand owner has made other arrangements.


All buyers must check into the office to receive a daily buyer number. The number is only good for that day’s sale. All purchases must be paid for on sale day. We accept cash and bankable checks ONLY. No credit or debit cards for livestock purchases.

Please pay attention to the auctioneer. Be clear as to whether you are buying by the head or by the pound. If you win the bid on the cattle in the ring, you are buying all animals in the ring. You are responsible for paying for what you purchase.

If you wish to have any veterinarian work done on your purchases, please let the auctioneer know when you purchase the animals. A list of available vet work and pricing can be acquired from the office. Please contact the on-site veterinarian before the sale to discuss what you would like to have done to the animals you may purchase.

All animals must be removed from the facility on the day of the sale unless other arrangements have been made by CLA staff.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange transportation of any animals purchased. CLA does not provide delivery services.


Adult Vaccs: Cows that are Bangs vaccinated after one year of age.

Bangs Vaccine: A vaccine for Brucellosis required in all female cattle unless they are going to a state-approved feedlot. All female cattle under a year of age not previously vaccinated will receive a Bangs vaccination from the vet prior to the sale at the seller’s expense.

Broken Mouth: A cow that has lost some of her lower teeth. Usually indicates an older cow.

Butcher Cows/Bulls: Cows and bulls that are no longer fit for breeding and sold for slaughter.

Buyer Number: All buyers of cattle will need a daily buyer number. Visit the office to register for a daily number. The number issued is only good for that sale day.

By the Head: Animals sold by the number of animals being sold instead of by the weight of the animal(s).

Commission: The percentage of the selling price taken from the seller’s check for the service of selling the animals.

CWT: Price per hundredweight. If the bid price is $123.5 (CWT), that means the animal was bought for $1.235/pound or $123.5/hundred pounds.

Feeders: Weaned calves of various weights are called feeders because they are ready to be fed and finished.

Market: Cattle are considered a commodity, so “The Market” refers to the current commodity market. Just like any other commodity market, prices fluctuate and are determined by supply, demand, recent prices, and future predicted prices.

No-Vacc: Female cattle that are over 12 months of age and have not received a Bangs vaccination. No-Vacc cattle are sold for slaughter only.

Preg check: The veterinarian will check to see if a cow or heifer is pregnant. Cows coming into the ring with a number on their hip indicates how many months bred she is. A 0 means open or not pregnant.

Solid Mouth: A cow with all her teeth intact. Usually indicates a younger to middle-aged cow.

Stock Cows: Usually beef breed bred (pregnant) cows.